Marketing Mix

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  • Marketing Mix
    • Product
      • What attracts you to the product?
        • Appearance
        • Material
        • Brand
        • Style
      • Many firms produce more than one brand, this is called product mix.
        • Example: Uni-Lever own Persil, Dove, PG Tips, Marmite, Wallis and Hellmans
      • Product Range- where products are similar but different to appeal to different target segments and target market.
        • Example: Coca-Cola haves Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Coke Life and Caffeine free Coke
    • Price
      • Deciding on the price of a product
        • Quality eg. High Quality= High Price
        • Competitors Price
        • Profit Margin
        • Price of Compliment
        • Place eg. Rich Area= High Price
        • Brand and fashion trends
        • Demand and Cost of Production
      • If business raises price demand will fall and if business lowers price there will be an increase in demand
    • Place
      • 2 Impact Factors
        • Method of Distributing
        • Where product is sold
      • 3 Main Ways
        • Producer-Wholesaler-Retailer-Consumer
      • E-commerce
        • Advantages
          • Cost effective doesn't cost as much
          • Increase consumer base
          • Delivery can influence buyers, as their is more access to product
        • Disadvantages
          • Increase competition- more people to  compete with
          • Not all products can be sold on the internet eg. ice cream
          • Customers may see it as a scam- May see it as a virus
        • Examples
          • Ebay
          • New Look
          • Amazon
    • Promotion
      • Untitled


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