Market Research

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  • Market Research
    • Primary Research
      • Research that you go out and collect yourself. For example questionnaires.
      • Examples:
        • Interviews.
          • Advantages: You get straight up information by a certain person or multiple people. Disadvantages: This method can take a lot of time, not really a short process.
        • Questionnaires.
          • Advantages: You get truthful answers quickly. Disadvantages: Not everyone will fill them out.
    • Secondary Research
      • Examples:
        • Internet.
          • Advantages: Very quick and easy information. Disadvantages: Not all of the information you get is guaranteed true
        • Newspaper articles.
          • Advantages:  A lot of people buy papers daily. Disadvantages: The paper creators use your article to help them, not you; meaning they could twist your article a little.
      • Information you got via things such as the Internet, reviews on other companies / businesses.


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