Textiles Market Research

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  • Market Research
    • Target Group
      • Will sometimes be in design brief, if not figure one out
      • Age, job, gender, hobbies, money, lifestyle
      • Eg. Wide-legged line trousers for middle-aged women
    • Questionnaires
      • Closed questions (Do you use bags)
      • Open questions (What's your favourite bag and why?)
    • Interviews
      • More detailed information than questionnaires
      • Difficult to analyse the results as topics vary
      • Can ask the same sort of questions as the questionnaire
    • ICT
      • Spreadsheets to organise data
      • Internet to look up sales figures
      • Questionnaires using word processing softwares
    • What do you want to find out?
      • Information about the person - make sure they're part of your target group
      • Male/female? Age? Jobs? Hobbies?
      • Do they buy that kind of product?
      • How much are they prepared to spend?
      • Where would they expect to buy it?
        • Do they like that style/colour?


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