Margaret Mead 1935

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  • Sex and temperament in three primitive societies
    • Margaret Mead
      • Studied several tribal cultures in Samoa and New Guinea
        • One area she studied was male and female behaviour and gender role expectations in different tribes
          • In contrast, the Mundugumor tribe both genders were aggressive and violent
            • Arapesh tribe, both genders were gentle and co-operative
      • Found that these were very different from the gender role expectations in the US at the time
      • Chambri Tribe both genders were different from each other
        • Roles were almost opposite of expectations in UK&US
          • Women were dominant and aggressive not much involved in child rearing
            • Men were timid, emotionally dependant and spent time decorating themselves
              • Aggressive men were considered abnormal
    • 1935
    • American anthropologist


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