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  • Marco
    • Family Man
      • M- "He killed my children!"
        • not thinking of himself
        • puts his family before himself
      • M- "I want to send right away maybe twenty dollars-"     SD "he is near tears"
        • desperation to help family
        • family is the most important thing
    • Protective
      • Lift chair "he transfers what might appear like a glare of warning into a smile of triumph"
        • sent a warning
        • protecting R
        • display of masculinity
    • Strong sense of right and wrong
      • "Marco spits into Eddie's face"
        • shows his disrespect
        • for M E has betrayed everything
      • M- "all the law is not in a book"
        • respects law as it suits him
        • unspoken code
        • creates danger
    • Peacemaker
      • M- "You come home early now, Rodolfo"
        • using his big brother influence
        • trying to diffuse the tension between E and R
      • M- "Yes, yes. You'll be quite Rodolfo"
        • desperately agreeing with E
        • speaking for the oblivious R


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