Mao's position within government

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  • Mao's position within government
    • became party leader as a result of the Rectification Campaign
      • the purge of Mao's enemies, real and imagined, inside the Party
    • Mao's main ideas
      • Nationalism
        • Mao wanted to free China from foreign exploitation
        • Mao only kept a fragile relationship with the Russian Communists to use to his advantage
        • Mao put nationalism over every other element of ideology
      • Continuing revoltion
        • each generation participating in the revolution
        • made the tactical compromise of regulating capitalism, not destroying
        • people were expected to watch out for enemies of the revolution and also examine their own behaviours
      • Listening to the people
        • he got the people to get involved in discussing policy
        • debatable due to the Hundred Flowers Campaign
      • Mass mobilisation
        • wanted to launch mass campaigns to achieve specific targets
        • numbers and enthusiasm mattered much more than experts
        • China's huge population was its main asset
    • his power was not absolute because the collective leadership of the Party was theoretically responsible for policy
      • however, Mao set the pace and direction of the policies
    • as time passed he became harder to challenge


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