Man's inhumanity to man

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  • Man's inhumanity/ humanity to man/ woman
    • Drama
      • Journey's End
        • Hibbert's pleading- Stanhope's harshness towards him
        • Stanhop'e emotion at the death of Raleigh (Humanity)
        • German's allow British to retrieve wounded solider "carry him"-even 'fired some lights' for their better visibility
        • Hibbert described as worm by Stanhope- dehumanises him
      • Accrington Pals
        • Authur marrying the pregnant Annie- humanity to woman who would otherwise be an outcast
        • Highlights the degradation of women at the time-inequality
    • Prose
      • Birdsong
        • Stephen embraces Weir after the Somme (very out of character) Stephen 'wrapped' his arms around a sobbing Weir
        • Men called Sewer rats. They are treated like animals"The men queued naked for the baths that had been set up in a long barn"
        • Stephen treats the prostitute in a very inhumane way, running a knife along her.
        • When Jack falls asleep and faces court marshall Stephen treats him inhumanly elongating his turmoil.
        • The soldiers see a mass grave being dug for them as they march to battle. no consideration for what this must do to them.
        • Controversial- not allowing the gassed boy to die (when Stephen is in hospital) also forcing the nurse to care for him.
      • Regeneration
        • The electric shock system used to treat the effects of psychological trauma from war (used by London doctor, Rivers forced to watch)
        • Burns lies naked in the forest with the dead animals- war has made him less human.
        • Prior originally courts Sarah so he can sleep with her- he has no interest in her as a person.
        • Rivers treats the men at Craiglockhart like human beings- it is his way if restoring them to normality.
    • Poetry
      • Strange meeting, Wilfred Owen- highlights how both sides are human but can still commit inhuman acts. "I am the enemy you killed my friend","Let us sleep now" pronoun US signifies equality.
      • Dulce et decorum est, Wilfred Owen- "Bent double like old beggars under sacks"- not pictured as the fighting fit boys they had been-war has dehumanised them/ taken their youth.
      • Anthem for doomed youth, Wilfred Owen- Men "like cattle"
      • Futility, Wilfred Owen- the humanity of those speaking "move him into the sun"- suggests desperation /love for life.
      • Exposure, Wilfred Owen- the slow and painful death the soldiers face at the hands of the weather "merciless iced east winds"


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