Man's inhumanity to man

One of the 6 themes for the contextual linking question of the exam

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  • Man's inhumanity to man
    • Prose
      • Birdsong
        • "This is not a war this is an exploration of how far men can be degraded"
          • How men were treated by the governments and higher ranks in the war. Can be linked with Sassoon's declaration.
        • "Where did you find this faint heart, Gray?"
          • Shows some higher ranks attitudes towards the war. Can be linked to Journey's End where the colonel sends them to do a raid in the daylight
      • Regeneration
        • "A horse's bit. Not an electrode, not a teaspoon. Ab bit. An instrument of control."
          • Dehumanising the soldiers - forcing them to go back out to war. Industrialising recovery.
    • Drama
      • Journey's End
        • "It's rotten to send a fellow whose only just got here."
          • Stanhope's reply to sending Raleigh on the daylight raid."
        • "All to the good. His nerves are sound."
          • Untitled
      • Oh what a lovely War
        • "This is not war sir, it's slaughter"
    • Poetry
      • Base Details (Sassoon)
      • The General (Sassoon)
      • A Dead Statesman (Rudyard Kipling)


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