Mann Et Al

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  • Mann et al.
    • Aim: To test police officers' ability to distinguish truths and lies during police interviews with subjects
    • Methodology: Field experiment
    • Participants
      • 99 Kent Police Officers, 24 F/ 75 M
      • Mean age of 34.3
      • 78 were detectives, 8 trainers, 4 traffic officers, 9 uniformed response officers
    • Procedure
      • They were asked to judge the truthfulness of people in real life interviews
      • clips of 14 suspercts, head and torso, backed up by evidence
      • 54 clips varying from 6-145 seconds
      • They began by filling out a questionnaire about their experience in detecting lies
      • They indicated whether they thought it was truth and rated their confidence on this
      • They were asked to list the cues they used to detect the liars
    • Results
      • The difference between the mean lie accuracy and truth accuracy was not significant
      • Both levels of accuracy are greater than chance
      • gaze was the most used cue as well as movements


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