Manifest Destiny

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  • Manifest Destiny
    • Attitudes of the Plains Indians towards land
      • It was part of the circle of nature, part of the circle of life and death.
      • They came from the Earth and they believed when they died they returned to the land.
      • They believed they were part of the land and nobody could own it.
      • They thought as a community and lived as part of this.
      • They believed the land was owned by the whole nation.
        • This was the only way in which their lifestyle would be successful.
      • Some places were sacred especially those closest to the spirit world.
      • They couldn't understand how the White's could buy and sell land.
    • Attitudes of the white settlers towards land
      • The reason why they moved west.
      • Wanted their own land, acted as individuals.
      • Thought Indians were savages, their religious beliefs were thought to be superstition.
      • The Indians were an obstacle.
      • God gave them the land to USE.


Miss E


This is a good starting point for 'Manifest Destiny' an idea that seems to come up often in exams. You could add the American government's actions and ideas to it to improve it further. Make sure you feel confident explaining it as part of your revision.



Thank you very much, the governement's actions come up later in my course therefore, another resource will be created at a later date to link the two topics together

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