Snaith - A Wife In London

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  • Social Context
    • A Wife In London - Thomas Hardy
      • Content
        • Death and War
          • 'He - Has fallen'
        • Tragedy
        • Irony
          • 'His hand whom the worm now knows'
            • Shows how she received a letter from her husband after knowing of his death
      • Attitude
        • Making you question political views
        • Trying to make you see the lack of information in telegrams
          • 'Flashed news'
        • Negative
      • Mood and Emotion
        • Confidence
          • 'Firm - Penned'
        • Hope
          • 'And of new love that they would learn'
        • Mourning and Upset
        • Irony
          • 'His hand whom the worm now knows'
          • 'Page full of his hoped return'
            • Shows irony as she knows he's dead, yet he wished to be back with his wife
            • Links with the theme of hope
      • Language
        • Euphemism
          • 'Has fallen'
            • May be seen as a more subtle way of telling the families they've died
          • 'Worm now knows'
            • Suggests he's been buried as 'worms' live underground, where he will now be
        • Oxymoron
          • 'Glimmers cold'
            • Links with foreshadowing
        • Pathetic Fallacy
          • 'Fog hangs thicker'
            • Shows her feelings and arcane (mysterious) thoughts in her head after she knows of her husbands death
        • Foreshadowing
          • 'Glimmers cold'
          • 1st Stanza foreshadows the mans death
          • 'Like a waning taper'
            • 'Waning taper' links to a burning out candle, symbolising death
        • Simile
          • 'Like a waning taper'
        • Rhyme Scheme
          • Imitates Social Climate
      • Self
        • Angered by the briefness of telegrams
        • Empathetic towards the wife who lost her husband
        • Upset about the story within the poem
    • 2nd Boer War 1899-1902
    • Huge Casualties
    • Between the British and Dutch Settlers


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