Managing impacts of climate change

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  • Managing impacts of Climate Change
    • Mitigation
      • Planting Trees
      • Carbon capture
        • Use technology to capture CO2 produced Up to 90%
        • Carbon gas can be compressed and transported to underground storage sites
      • International Agreements
        • 2005 Kyoto protocol
        • 2009 Copenhagen Accord
          • Reduce emissions with financial support for developing nations
        • 2015 Paris Agreement
          • 195 Countries legally binding global climate deal to keep global temperature increase 2°C and give $100 Bn to initiatives in developing countries by 2020
      • Alternative energy sources
        • Burning fossil fuels accounts for 87% of CO2 emmisions
        • Reduce Co2 emissions by using renewable resources e.g Nuclear
        • Uk aim for 15% of energy to be produced renewably by 2020
    • Adaptation
      • Farming
        • In S Africa maize will fall by 30% and rice by 10% by 2030
        • Europe and North america benefit to grow wheat and mediterranean crops like olives
        • Grow more drought resistant crops with new cropping and irrigation systems
      • Water Supply
        • Careful management in times of water shortage
        • Village in Ladakh, India have artifical glaciers
          • Replace the 16000 Himalayan glaciers that are receding
          • Water collected in winter along diversion canals and freezes. 'Glacier' melts in spring providing water
      • Rising sea levels
        • 26-82cm rise by 2100 flood agriculture and increas coastal erosion
        • Maldives inhabitable by 2030 and submerged by 2070
          • malgrove coastal forests with tangled roots to support sediment
          • Construct 3m seawall around capitals ans sandbags everywhere else
          • Houses built on silts


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