Managing Climate Change

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  • Managing Climate Change
    • Mitigation
      • carbon capture
        • reduces carbon emissions by capturing CO2 and storing it safely (usually underground)
        • uncertain of long term ipacts of burying carbon
      • planting trees
        • increases amount of CO2 absorbed from atmosphere
        • takes up space which increases house prices
      • alternative energy production
        • reduces greenhouses gases being emitted
        • UK encouraging people to install solar power in their homes
        • are expensive
        • can look ugly
      • international agreements
        • examples: Kyoto Protocal, Paris Climate Change Agreement
        • reduces greenhouse gases being emitted
        • hard to hold countries to account
        • countries like the US have withdrawn
    • Adaptation
      • changing agriculture systems
        • continue to have variety of food
        • expensive, lack of knowledge, change in world trade
      • managing water supply
        • examples: water meters & collecting rainwater
        • reduces frequency of droughts
        • not many people have it because it can be expensive & as people get richer they don't mind small increase in water bill
      • reducing risk of rising sea levels
        • physical defences like flood barriers installed
        • building houses on earth embankments or on stilts
        • expensive which means less money on education and health care


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