Managing Biodiversity

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  • Managing Biodiversity
    • Individuals/artists and politicians
      • Sting's Rainforest Foundation
        • Charitable foundation dedicated to the preservation of the rainforest by defending the rights of the indigenous people living there
          • Funded in 1989 as the Rainforest Foundation International by Sting and his wife after an indigenous leader, Raoni of the Kayapo People of Brazil made  a personal request to help his community protect his land and cultre
        • Protected 1.2m acres of tropical rainforest + raised $30m.
      • Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
        • At the end of the first week of climate negotiations in Paris, Leo was invited to make a speech by Mayor Bloomberg.
          • Bloomberg served as the mayor of NYC and is an environmentalist that has advocated policy to fight climate change
            • "The compact of Mayors formed under Bloomberg's leadership encompasses 361 cities representing 336m pledging to take action on climate change. I challenge you all to do more."
      • Sir David Attenborough
        • He supports the conservation charity World Land Trust (WLT).
          • "The money that's given to the WLT has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of."
      • Barack Obama
        • Against ANWR development
          • Climate change is one of Obamas priorities in his remaining time in office.
            • In 2014, US agreed with China to set new limits on co2 emissions starting  2025
              • "We're going to have to have a global solution to climate change"
      • George Bush was for ANWR development
        • Legislation wasn't passedon
      • Inupiat, Gwich'in, Alaskan residents
    • Consumers
      • Fair Trade
        • FT not only helps improve farmers' living and working conditions but also helps them become stewards of the land.
          • Farmers who struggle to make ends meet are often forced to engage in cheap agricultural practices that compromise surrounding ecosystems.
      • Not digging up our gardens for e.g.patios
        • Recycling/upcycling
          • Some actively encourage wetland environments/ biodiversity i.e. ponds, ecotourism
            • WWF(1961)
              • Stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future where humans live in harmony with nature.
                • Through innovative partnerships, focusing on conserving critical places and reducing humanity's ecological footprint
                • Invested $11.5bn in 13000 projects.
    • UK
      • Kew Millennium seed bank
        • BEDZED
          • National parks i.e. Lake District
            • The Werrington Brook Improvements Programme, in Peterborough, will work to replicate the way natural streams flow in areas that suffer shallow waters, low o2.which is needed healthy habitats
    • NGO's- Greenpeace, IGO's- UNESCO World Heritage Sites
      • 2014, UNESCO wants the Great Barrier Reef on its 2015 "in danger" list unless protected.
    • TNC's and other businesses
      • Velvet tissues- 3 trees promise
        • Replace 3 trees for each softwood used and 3 trees for every hardwood used
          • Planted 6m trees around the world


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