Unit 4: Aquaculture - Management of Marine Production Systems

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  • Management of Marine Production Systems
    • Catch Quotas
      • Limits on total weight of fish that can be landed
      • Good for fish found in shoals of single species
      • Total quotas divided up with individual quotas for each fishing boat
      • Fish may already be dead and have to be thrown back if over quota
    • Minimum Catchable Size
      • Less juvenile fish caught
      • Size of net mesh controls the minimum size of fish caught
    • Fishing Effort Limits
      • Sets limits on size of nets, boats or engines and number of days spent fishing
      • Fishing fleet too large - compensation scheme = fishermen paid to sell boats and stop fishing
    • No-Take Zones
      • Completely bans part of an area - breeding populations can develop
      • Surplus young produced will spread out and boost fishable population
    • Closed Seasons
      • Bans on certain times of year for recovery e.g. breeding seasons
    • Protected Individuals
      • Individuals known to be good breeding animals protected
      • Marked so if they are caught again they will be released
    • Population Seeding
      • Young fish raised in captivity and released when they have a better chance of survival (low mortality rate)


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