Management of Landslides

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  • Management Of Landslides
    • Land zoning
      • Landslide hazard map shows and marks the areas of different hazard zones in various areas. they show the vulnerability of landslide prone areas.
    • Coastal Defences
      • These can be used to help slow down the rate of erosion and any impacts that may effect the balance of sheet stress and sheer strength
    • Reduce pressure on the top of the slope, e.g. limit building
    • Control slope face processes, using drains, sheet piles or steel nets (also holds slope together)
    • Reduce slope foot processes, e.g. gabions, revetments
    • Reduce moisture content of slope to prevent it form getting saturated, e.g. drains
    • Change the angle of the slope - change its gradient so it is a gentler slope
    • Plant trees and bushes - helps bind the slope and dries it out


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