Management of HIV/AIDS

Refers to AQA AS Geography (Chapter 8- Health Issues)

How is HIV/AIDS managed in both developed and developing countries?

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  • Management of HIV/AIDS
    • Trying to find a vaccine
      • Trying to find groups that may possess some degree of natural immunity through their white cells.
      • Seemed remote, but is becoming ever more likely as testing continues
    • Prolonging life through drugs
      • ARVs. €10,000 a year per individual in 2000, but now as low as €300 for generic varieties.
      • Still beyond reach of some developing countries.
      • In 2005, 17% of those needing ARVs were receiving them
      • Not a cure
    • Plotting the course of an outbreak
      • Makes it possible to predict future spread of the disease.
      • Identification of areas where resources should be concentrated.
    • Screening blood
      • Screening blood for HIV antibodies before it is used for transfusions in developed countries.
      • Only was a negligible risk of infection however.
    • Education and Advertising
      • Seen a main way of combating infection in sub-Saharan Africa
      • Education is aimed at increasing use of condoms.
      • Developed countries; targeted advertising for vulnerable groups e.g. intravenous drug users
      • Raising the profile of disease in schools through sex education
      • THINK A for Abstinence, B for Behaviour, C for Condoms and D for death if you don't (campaign)
    • Caring for victims and families
      • Charities such as Terrence Higgins trust and London Lighthouse in the UK
      • Aim to end stigma


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