Management of Natural Disasters

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  • Management for Volcanoes and Earthquakes
    • 1.Prediction
      • Monitoring seismic movement, Ground deformation, water levels, Gas emissions, Heat detection for volcanoes, Unusual animal behavior
        • Allows early warning systems and increased potential for safe evacuation
          • Easier for volcanoes than EQ-strike without warning, immediate imacts, very short response time.
    • 2. Protection
      • Aseismic Building
        • Buildings and infrastructure designed to withstand ground shaking or ash fall (v.important for hospitals, schools, fire stations)
      • Retrofitting
        • Planning regulations can be used to enforce resistant building, also retrofitting homes and buildings
      • Planning
        • Planners modify existing settlements and design new settlements to have safe zones
      • Community Prepardness
        • Disaster Plans-protecting people, Invest in emergency services, Education and Awareness, Communication
      • Insurance
        • Reducing Losses-buildings, businesses and possessions
      • Reinforced concrete channels to direct lava flows, Lahar Channels and draining crater lates
      • Flood defenses for tsunamis
    • 3.Response
      • Aid: Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
        • Search and Rescue
        • Emergency Shelter and Feeding
        • Removal of Rubble
        • Restore Vital Services


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