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  • Management
    • Just in Case (JIC)
      • Advantages:      + prepared for sale surge   + no risk of running out of stock
      • Disadvantage   - stock might be wasted            - storage issues and over ordering
      • A business will order 100 more pairs of shoes just in case demand increases
    • Just in Time (JIT)
      • Advantages:     + cost of storage is reduced          + less opportunity for stock to be outdated
      • Disadvantage  - production reliant on suppliers         - delivery costs increase as smaller quantities delivered
      • Business will order 50 shoes just in time for them to be sold
    • Cell Production
      • Advantages:     + improve communication                     + greater working motivation due to variety of work
      • Disadvantage   - company may have to invest in new materials handling and ordering systems          - company culture may feel they are being pushed for more
      • production of metallic casing arrives in separate pieces to be put together by employees
    • Simultaneous Engineering
      • Advantages:     + product brought to market quicker           + greater sense of involvement across business functions improves staff commitment to project
      • Disadvantage    - all functions involved, decision making takes longer             - time estimates may be miscalculated
      • Business planning new product to launch with all employees working together
    • Time Based Management
      • Advantages:     + reduction in waste; greater efficiency        + quicker response times to meet changing market needs
      • Disadvantage  - self - improvement is mandatory   - not effective if restricted work rules or no trust between manager and employees
      • Reducing amount of time that is wasted in production process of a business


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