Mammalian lung

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  • Mammalian Lung
  • Lungs are inside the THORAX
    • surrounded by PLEURAL MEMBRANES
      • these secrete Pleural fluid
        • Pleural fluid provides an AIRTIGHT, SLIPPERY covering
          • allows lungs to inflate and deflate easily
    • Air passes down into lungs via the TRACHEA
      • This then branches to the LEFT+RIGHT BRONCHI
        • Each bronchus branches repeatedly to BRONCHIOLES
          • These lead to bunches of tiny sacs called the ALVEOLI
            • Each alveolus has a blood capillary very closely associated
              • this allows the exchange of oxygen and C02
  • The movement of lungs provided by the DIAPHRAGM
    • A sheet of tissue containing muscle
      • Separates thorax from abdomen
        • And the muscles between the ribs- the INTERCOSTAL MUSCLES
  • Rib Cage protects the lungs from damage
    • And protects the heart


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