Purple Hibiscus - Mama

A key quote which reflects on some of the characterisitics of Mama. 

This quote has been analysed in depth.

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  • Mama
    • "Later she would knot the palm fronds into sagging cross shapes and then on the wall beside our gold-framed family"
      • "gold - framed photo" - indicates wealth, luxury or importance.
        • "frame" could hint pride or it could be an artifice
      • "Later" - ritual or daily routine
      • "beside" - inextricably linked to family and religion
      • "knot" - security or could represent togetherness
      • "sagging" - weighed down
      • "cross shapes" - suggests  religion influence
    • "Eat your cornflakes"   mama said almost in a whisper
      • "whisper" - reveals her fear. She is scared if she says it loudly, Papa will find out
      • "whisper"  - contradicts herself
        • Although she fears Eugene, at the same time she defies Eugene by allowing  Kambili to eat secretly


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