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    • S20 Offences Against the Person Act 1861
    • maximum sentence: 5 years
    • maliciously wound or inflict grievous bodily harm
    • actus reus: wound or inflict grievous bodily harm
      • Wounding
        • breaking of two layers of skin EISENHOWER
        • bleeding nose would suffice
      • Inflict grievous bodily harm
        • grevious harm = really serious harm SMITH
        • serious harm will suffice SAUNDERS
      • can be accumulated from number of small injuries in one attack BROWN  & STRATTON
      • injuries assessed according to victim's age and health BOLLOM
      • infecting with disease = GBH DICA
      • can be committed indirectly HALLIDAY or LEWIS
      • psychiatric conditions = GBH BURSTOW
    • mens rea: maliciously
      • intended to inflict some harm or be reckless to whether such harm should occur CUNNINGHAM
      • only has to intend or reckless to some harm for mens rea even though actus reus is serious harm MOWATT
      • cannot be guilty of s20 if defendant hadn't foreseen risk of any harm PARAMENTER


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