Inequality for men

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  • Males inequality
    • Mac and ghaill
      • Crisis of masculinity
        • Young males have no clear path as a result of growing equality of women
        • Display masculinity in antisocial behaviour
    • Males and education
      • Boys 2x likely to have special educational needs
        • 4x more likely to be excluded
        • White working class males lowest achievers
          • Link to anti school subculture- Paul
      • OECD- boys lag a year behind girls at reading world wide
    • Health
      • Females likely to live 4 years younger
      • Males develop heart disease 10 years before women
      • ONS suicide rates men 3x ore likely
      • More likely to have a drink/ drug problem
        • 75% cannabis addict male
        • 69% alcholics male
    • Males and work/income
      • 95% males killed in work every year
      • mean average 39 hours women 34
      • Benatar
        • Least desirable and most dangerous jobs
    • Men less likely to look after children
      • Less likely to get custody of children
    • Criticisms
      • Feminists, minor compared to women
      • Walter
        • 'Sexism against men isn't the same because of the way the system is balanced
      • Labour market still favours men
        • How inequality still exists
        • gender pay gap still exists


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