Male Sex Organs and Hormonal Control

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  • Male sex organs and hormonal control
    • Testes
      • site of sperm production
        • formed by meiosis in the seminiferous tubules
          • these form coiled tubes which connect to the sperm duct
      • manufacture of the sex hormone testosterone
        • produced by interstitial cells
          • located in the tissue between seminiferous tubules
        • passes directly into bloodstream
      • sperm are motile; they move through the uterus and along oviducts where they may meet an egg
        • fertilisation is dependant on motility of sperm which brings gametes together
          • requires a fluid medium and a source of energy
    • Accessory Glands
      • prostate gland
        • secretes a  thin lubricating liquid containing enzymes
          • maintains fluid medium at the optimum viscosity for sperm motility
      • seminal vesicles
        • secretes a viscous liquid rich in fructose and prostaglandins
          • prostaglandins - hormone-like compounds which stimulate contractions of the female reproductive tract
            • the movements help sperm to reach the oviduct at a much faster rate than could be achieved by swimming
          • fructose - sugar which provides sperm with energy needed for motility following ***********


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