Malcolm and Donalbain

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  • Malcolm and Donalbain
    • Both learn from their father's mistakes
      • Malcolm is fair and honest like his father, however, unlike Duncan, Malcolm and Donaldbain are aware that they're in danger from those closest to them: "There's daggers in men's smiles, the near'r in blood/The nearer bloody"
        • They have the common sense to free Scotland after Duncan is murdered
      • Malcolm learns that he should only trust people who have proved their loyalty- when Macduff visits him, Malcom tests his loyalty by pretending to be a tyrant .
        • He knows that people who seem good can be evil "All thing foul wear the brows of grace
      • In the end Malcolm and Macduff make a good partnership because Macduff's experiences gives Malcolm the confidence to tale action
    • Malcolm and Donalbain are not impulsive
      • Don't react to their fathers murder immediately, Malcolm says that their sorrow is too "strong" to act on it straightaway- showing that he is sensible and unwilling to act without waiting for the right time
      • Annoyed that Macbeth is making grand speeches which should be made by Duncan's sons- Malcolm asks Donalbain "Why do we hold out tongues"
        • Malcolm is more suspicious of false appearances then Duncan was - he says "To show an unfelt sorrow is an office/ Which the false man does easily" He is wary of people that seem fake, like Macbeth
    • Malcolm develops into a good leader
      • Becomes a confident leader, earns the trust of the Scottish thanes, who say they will "give obedience where 'tis truly owed" They will follow Malcolm because he is the rightful king
      • Malcolm eventually returns to Scotland with an army, he proves that he is clever by disguising the soldiers with branches band leads his army to victory, which shows that he is a strong leader
      • Rewards everyone who fought with him, like Duncan he is generous to those who are loyal to him
        • Malcolm has many of the qualities that made Duncan a good king, but he is less naive then his father. This suggests that he will eventually make a better king
  • Malcolm is WISE "Wisdom plucks me/from over-credulous haste" HONEST "delight/no less in truth then life"


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