Malaysia case study

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  • Malaysia
    • causes of rainforest destruction
      • logging- Malaysia became largest exporter of tropical wood in 1980s
        • selective logging
      • commercial farming
        • lot of land been converted to plantations
        • Malaysia is largest exporter of palm oil in world
      • transmigration
        • forest felled for settlers
        • population pressure
    • impacts of habitat loss
      • soil erosion
        • roots of trees bind soil together- deforestation means soil can easily become loose and erode away
      • loss of biodiversity
        • deforestation destroys habitats
      • contribution to climate change
        • impacts local and global climates
        • reduces moisture in air giving a drier climate
      • economic development
        • economic gains
          • development of land for industrial purposes provide jobs
          • rubber and palm oil provide raw materials
          • improved transport infrastructure opens up new areas for industrial purposes and tourism
        • economic losses
          • pollution of water sources/increasingly dry climate lead to water shortages
          • fires can cause harmful pollution
    • rainforests should be protected because
      • biodiversity
        • tropical rainforests contain half of the plants and animals in the world
      • medicine
        • around 25% of all medicines come from rainforest plants
      • people
        • indigenous tribes use the rainforest's resources and they would lose their homes due to deforestation
      • climate change
      • water
        • rainforests important for providing fresh clean water
      • resources
        • rainforest trees provide valuable hardwood as well as nuts, fruit and rubber


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