Making Salts

Aqa C2 additional science GCSE

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  • Making Salts
    • Making soluble salts using an acid + metal or Insoluble base
      • Add the metal/insoluble base to the acid and and neutralisation reaction will occur
        • You know when the reaction has finished because excess will be left in the bottom of the flask.
          • Flilter out the excess metal and evaporate, you will be left with salt crystals!
    • Making Insoluble salts (precipitation reactions)
      • Pick two  solutions with the ions you need in them.
        • Mix them together and they will react. the most reactive will be bonded together (your salt)
          • This will be a solid at the bottom of your flask
            • Filter, wash and dry. Ta Da Salt!
              • This  is used to remove poisonous  ions from drinking water...
                • In treatment of sewage...
                  • ...And to soften water


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