Making Crude Oil Useful (C1)

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  • Making Crude Oil Useful (C1)
    • Fossil Fuels
      • Crude  Oil, coal and natural gas
      • Examples
      • Formed naturally over millions of years
        • Non-renewable and easily extracted from other substances
          • It is also finite, which means it is being used much faster that it is being replaced
    • Crude Oil
      • Found in the earths crust and is transported via pipes or in oil tankers
        • Detergents are used to break up oil slicks, but these chemicals are toxic and can harm or kill wildlife
    • Fractional Distillation
      • Crude Oil
        • Hydrocarbons have different boiling points.This can be made into useful fractions.
          • This process is called Fractional Distillation
          • The process is a tube, in which the lower part is the higher boiling points and the top is the cooler boiling points
    • Cracking
      • Hydrocarbon molecules can be described as alkanes or alkenes
        • Large alkane molecules can be broken down into smaller, more useful, alkene and alkane molecules


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