Making Ammonia

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  • Making Ammonia
    • Raw Materials for Haber Process
      • Hydrogen
        • From natural gas or other sources
      • Nitrogen
        • From the air
    • The process
      • Purified gases pass over an Iron catalyst
        • At a high temperature of about 450'C
          • At a high pressure of 200 atmospheres
            • On cooling, Ammonia liquefies and is removed
              • The remaining hydrogen and nitrogen is recycled
    • Nitrogen+Hydrogen=Ammonia
    • Equilibrium
      • Equilibrium is reached when reactions occur at same rate in each direction
        • In a REVERSIBLE reaction in a CLOSED system
      • Relative amounts of all reacting substances at equilibrium  depend on the cnditions of the reaction
        • If temperature increases
          • Yield from ENDOthermic reaction increases and yield of EXOthermic decreases
        • If pressure increases (In Gaseous Reactions)
          • Favours the reaction that produces least number of molecules


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