Making use of energy

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  • Making use of energy
    • Conduction
      • The transfer of heat energy through the vibrations of particles in a solid
        • The hotter molecules collide with cooler particles transferring kinetic energy
          • Metals are good conductors because they have free electrons
      • Home insulation
        • Foam in wall cavities stops conduction
        • Carpets trap air to stop conduction
        • Double glazing creates an air gap between windows to stop conduction
        • Layer of roof insulation to stop conduction
        • Use insulating materials containing trapped air
    • Convection
      • The transfer of heat energy through convection currents in a fluid
        • Particles speed up gaining kinetic energy. Fluid expands and volume increases.
          • Density = mass / volume
          • Density decreases so fluid falls
      • Home insulation
        • Take away the particles
        • Reducing loft space reduces convection
        • Using foam in the cavity stops convection from happening in between bricks
        • Using draught excluders reduces convection
        • Blocking unused chimneys reduces convection
    • Radiation
      • The transfer of energy without the transfer of matter.
        • Shiny objects reflect thermal radiation
          • Matte black objects absorb/emit thermal radiation
            • Any hot or warm object will emit radiation in the form of infrared electromagnetic radiation
      • Home insulation
        • Silver layer beneath under floor heating to reduce radiation
        • Silver covered blocks in wall cavities to reduce radiation
        • Silver foil at the back of radiator to reduce radiation
        • Interior walls painted white to reflect radiation


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