Major 90-97

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  • Major 1990-97
    • Character
      • not same mould as MT - attraction
      • likeable but not inspiring figure
      • Spitting image = grey, boring, consumed with unimportant details
    • Build up to 1992 victory
      • Gulf War 1991
        • impressive debut
          • conduct statesman like when dealing with Kuwait with USA - coalition force
            • ended illegal occupation of Kuw. by Saddam Hussain
            • decision to keep opposition leaders Kinnock and Ashdown informed won him respect
      • only slightly criticised MT
        • knew election had to be called in 18 months
          • wanted to build a country at ease with itself
          • poll tax withdrawn in 91
      • Maastricht Treaty 92
        • diff. approach to europe than MT
          • declared aim 'to create an ever-closer union among the peoples of Europe'
            • long lasting consequences
        • Main terms:
          • full eu. integration
          • common eu. foreign and defence policy
          • eu. central bank and single currency adopted 99 - opt out clause
          • eu. community become EU
    • 1992 election
      • poorly judged americanised labour campaign
        • many c's surprised to win after 13 yrs in power
          • Major went back to roots - stood on soap boxes
      • C = 336 seats 42% L = 271 seats 34.2%
    • Crisis over Europe
      • pound made unrealistically high when joined ERM DM2.95
        • sensed pound overvalued and began to speculate on market
          • pound fell -chancellor raised interest rates from 10 to 15%
            • nothing worked - black wed. sept. 16 uk withdrew from ERM
              • RESULTS: arg. for eurosceptics stronger, lab. gained lead in opinion polls
                • longer term effects not bad - pound recovered
      • Struggle over M Treaty 93
        • ERM situ made ratifying mt by parlia. diff
          • july 93 euro-rebels defeated key bill necessary for treaty to come into effect in nov
            • major had to force bill through
    • Foreign Affairs
      • Bosnia 95
        • bitter complex civil war - britain supported NATO
          • went into bosnia to proetct muslim bosnians from serb christians
            • major = dignitaryof dayton agreement where warring parties kept to designated areas
    • Sleaze
      • heritage minister david mellor had affair with spanish actress photo'd in chelsea *****
      • enviro. min. tim yeo = love child
      • stephen milligan self strangulation
      • hamilton (corp. affairs minister) received brown enevelopes of money from Al Fayed to gain special favours
      • shadow over major's govt. lost all by elections
    • reason for loss
      • divisons, withdrawal of ERM, uninspiring leadership, new labour


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