maintenance of romantic relationships

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  • Maintenance of romantic relationships
    • Thibaut & Kelley
      • Social exchange theory
    • Profit & Loss - All social behaviour is a series of exchanges in which individuals try to minimise their costs (eg. effort/ financial investment) and mazamise their profit (eg. sex/ being cared for.
      • theory stresses that commitment to a relationship & consequent liking is dependent on the profotibility of the outcome
    • Comparison level - we develop a CL to help us judge whether one person offers more/less than another. It is a standard against which all relationships are judged.
      • Couples satisfaction depends on the rewards & costs that would be involved if they formed a relationships with someone else CLalt
    • Research support -(comparison level) Simpsom et al asked participants to rate members of the opposite sex according to attractiveness. They found those in a relationships gave lower rating. This shows support that one way of dealing with a threat is to reduce them in order to protect the relationship.
    • IDA
      • Doesn't explain why some people leave realtionships with no other alternative
      • It focusses too much on the individuals prespective & ignores social aspects such as partners communication & interpret shared events.


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