Physics - mains electricity

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  • Mains electricity
    • Mains supply - ac
      • Live wire - brown, provides the alternating potential difference (230 V from mains supply) Electricity flows in through this wire
      • Earth wire - green and yellow, protects the wiring, safety. Stops appliance casing becoming live. Doesn't carry a current, only when there's a fault. 0 V
      • Neutral wire - blue, carries away current. Flows out through this wire. 0 V
      • AC supply at around 230 V at 50Hz/second
        • AC = constantly changing direction, produced by alternating voltages - positive and negative ends keep alternating
    • Battery supply - dc
      • Direct current - always flowing in the same direction. Created by direct voltage.
    • Electric shock
      • Your body is at 0 V, so if you touch a live wire, a large potential difference is produced and a current flows through you
      • Any connection between live and earth can be dangerous. If the link creates a low resistance path to earth a huge current will flow.


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