Main nutrients

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  • Main nutrients
    • Fats
      • Help provide concentrated sources of energy
      • Helps insulate the body in cold weather
      • Polyunsaturated and saturated- 2 main types
    • Proteins
      • Found in animal products
        • Like meat, fish, eggs,milk and cheese
      • Assists growth and repair of the body
      • Found in vegetable sources
        • Soya beans, pulses and nuts
    • Carbohydrates
      • They are easily turned into glucose
        • Used by cells for energy
      • Spare your muscle when looking for energy
      • Starch and sugar- 2 main types of carbs
    • Vitamin A
      • Helps vision, healthy skin and growth
      • Sources are- Green and yellow vegetables and dairy products
    • Iron
      • Needed for formation of red blood cells
      • Sources- Red meat, green vegetables, eggs, lentils and bread
    • Vitamin B
      • Release of energy from foods and healthy skin
      • Sources- Bread, milk and eggs
    • Calcium
      • Helps strong teeth and bones
      • Sources- Milk, cheese,Eggs,Tofu, bread e.c.t
    • Vitamin C
      • Healthy skin, helps absorb iron and protects cells
      • Sources- fruit and vegetables
    • Vitamin D
      • Sources -Oily fish and margarine
      • Helps absorb iron and healthy teeth and bones
  • Like meat, fish, eggs,milk and cheese


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