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  • Shadow Of Taste
    • Birds
      • description of other birds and various positions in nature- surrounded by freedom of nature. Admiration.
    • Man
      • summary of Clare`s obsession with nature
      • critism of those writers who can not engage with images of nature- those who dont appreciate small simple aspect nature- fools
      • Taste is individual- present images of seemingly insignificant - inspirational as those which are grand
      • ending of poem- ominous- consequences of destroying nature and environment
    • Style
      • Clare explores many vaires styles poets adopt- vocabulary focused on art of writing- clever personification of word to crate lively image of writing process.
    • Insects
      • Chaotic vivid world of the insects, fear of this element- use of the senses here evokes a vivid image of the power of poetry.
    • Flowers
      • presented as delicate- although robust- vocabulary - sensory descriptors- enhance magnificent of flower- celebrate beauty


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