Snaith//Presentation Of Themes, Romeo and Juliet

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  • Main Themes Within Romeo & Juliet
    • Love
      • Rosaline
        • 'Love is a smoke' - Romeo
          • Saying that he is blinded by his love for Rosaline
        • 'Precious treasure of his eyesight' -  Romeo
          • Romeo speaks about how beautiful Rosaline is, (superficiality)
        • 'O' Brawling love' O' loving hate' - Romeo
          • Exaggerating how in love he is with Rosaline
      • Juliet
        • 'Pilgrims lips that they must use in prayer' - Juliet
          • When Juliet initially refused Romeos request for a kiss, references religion
        • 'Her mother is the lady of the house' - Nurse
          • Nurse tells Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet, references family feud
        • 'Trespass sweetly urged' - Romeo
          • Romeo requested to kiss Juliet again, shows how pure and innocent Juliet is
    • Tradition
      • Marriage
        • 'We may think her ripe to be a bride' - Capulet
          • Capulet doesnt thin Juliet is ready to be married, so he  asks Paris to wait 2 more years
        • 'Younger than she are happy mothers made' - Paris
          • Paris is asking Capulet for his daughters hand in marriage and says that girls younger than her are happily married
        • 'Daughter Juliet, how stands your disposition to be married?' - Lady Capulet
          • Lady Capulet asks whether Juliet wants to be married, Juliet replies that she doesnt
      • Religion
        • ' A winger messenger of heaven' - Romeo
          • Compares Juliet to an angel
        • 'Holy palmers kiss' - Juliet
          • When their hands touched, the kiss was believed to be holy
        • 'The god of my idolatry' - Juliet
          • Comparing Romeo to God indicates that she is idolizing him
    • Family Feud
      • End Scene
        • 'O brother Montague' - Capulet
          • reconciled after the death of their children  (links to prologue, 'but which their childrens end, nought could remove'
        • 'Where be these enemies?... What a scourge is laid upon your hate' - Prince
          • Prince calls Capulet and Monatgue to see what their feud has caused
      • Initial fight scene
        • 'As i hate hell, all Montagues' - Tybalt
          • Tells us about Tybalts hatred for Montagues (linked to his murder scene later in the play)
        • 'Thou Villain Capulet' - Montague
          • Enemies
        • 'Who set this ancient quarrel new abroach?' - Montague
          • Asking who started the brawl
    • Fate & Fore-shadowing
      • Prologue
        • 'But which their Childrens end, nought could remove' - Prologue
          • The only thing that could end the feud would be the death of their children
        • 'Star-cross'd lovers' - Prologue
          • That it was written in the stars thatRome and Juliet were fated to die
        • 'Death-marked love' - Prologue
          • Fated from the start
      • Whole play
        • 'Harging in the stars' - Romeo
          • Written in the stars
        • 'These violent delights have violent ends' - Friar Lawrence
          • That their whirlwhind romance was fated to come to an abrupt end
        • 'Expire the term' - Romeo
          • End of their lives


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