Main life stages: Completed

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  • Main life stages
    • characteristic
      • is something that is typical of people at a particular life stage
    • Life stages
      • are distinct phases of life that each person passes through
    • Infancy (birth - 2)
      • You would have experienced rapid growth and development. Totally dependent on your parents for your needs.
      • Still dependent on parents but growing quickly and developing physical skills.
    • Adolescence(9 -18)
      • You go through physiology and emotional changes as you progressed towards adulthood.
      • Experiencing puberty, which brings physical and emotion changes.
    • Middle adulthood (46 - 65)
      • You notice changes in your body systems and appearance: your hair started to go grey, and your menstrual cycle became less frequent and gradually stopped. Towards the end of this stage you noticed the effects of aging, your energy levels dropped, your skin became less smooth and you developed wrinkles.
      • Experiencing puberty, which brings physical and emotion changes.
    • Later adulthood (65+)
      • the effects of the fifth stage has become more noticeable. She experiences more difficulty in carrying out tasks and recalling information.
      • The ageing process continues, which may affect memory and mobility.
    • Early Childhood (3 -8)
      • You would have developed your physical skills further. Helping you become more independent and doing more things for yourself.
      • Becoming increasingly independent, improving thought processes and learning how to develop friendships.
    • Early adulthood (19 -45)
      • reached physical maturity. This is your most fertile stage so it was the time you start a family.
      • Leaving home, making own choices about a career and may start a family.


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