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  • Magwitch
    • Like Pip he is marginalized by society- he is a convict and committed fraud with Compeyson and was put in the Hulks. He represents the theme of crime and punishment
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    • Magwitch got a longer prison sentence than Compeyson, thus it could be argued that Magwitch bought Pip up as a gentleman as a form of passive rebellion against the authority
    • seems lik a father like figure for Pip a he develops an emotional, strong bond towards Pip and is proud of who he has become
    • Magwitch both hates the societal label and accepts it as he constantly refers to himself as "low" . Indeed Dickens seems to hint that Magwitch may have been a much different man if people hadn't told him from a young age that he would come to no good
      • He is a sympathetic character and is a reflection of what Pip or any of us could become if we take societal labels to heart
    • Unlike any of the other characters, Magwitch teaches himself how to read and write, and becomes rich through hard work - selfmade man


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