Maguire Study

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  • Maguire
    • Method: Subjects
      • The age of the participants were 32-62 yrs and 44yrs was the mean
      • The average time to pass 'The Knowledge' was 2yrs but ranged from 10months - 3.5yrs (some training continuously and some part time)
      • All the taxi drivers had healthy general medical neurological and psychiatric profiles
      • That have been taxi drivers from 1.5yrs - 42yrs and the mean is 14.3yrs
      • The scans of control subjects were selected from structural MRI scan database at the same unit were the taxi driver were scanned.
      • 16 Healthy, right handed men
      • They also made sure that there was an even spread of subjects in each decade
      • The subjects that were below 32 and above 62 years of age were excluded as well as females and left handed men and health problems
      • 50 healthy right-handed males who did not drive taxis were included in the analyses for comparison with the taxis drivers.
      • Both the mean age fore the taxi drivers and for the control groups did not differ.
    • Method: Method
      • The researchers have no control of this variable as it is naturally occuring
      • The researchers also make use of correlation analysis as they are investigating a relationship between the brain scans and length of time being a taxi driver
      • Its an example of a Natural Experiment because the researchers are comparing the data of taxi drivers ant the non taxi drivers.
      • Data collected was used by a MRI which collects data about structure of the brain.
      • MRI scanners work by exposing a structure of the brain to a strong magnetic field and radio waves produce detailed pictures of the brain.
      • Pixel counting was carried out on the scans of the 15 taxi drivers and 16 age matched controls take from the 50 control participants
      • Computer software converts the information into a 3D image of the brain and in the study the analysis can calculate the amount of gray matter in the Hippocampus
    • Results
      • In taxi drivers there was increased volume of gray mtter in both the right and left side of the hippocampus
      • Correlational Analysis
        • Variable 1: Length of time being a Taxi Driver
        • Variable 2: Right posteria hippocampus
        • Untitled
        • Volume of right posteria hippocampus increased as length of time as taxi driver increased
        • Untitled


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