Topic 7 - Magnets

A mind map detailing the magnets topic of the new 9-1 GCSE Physics (AQA).

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  • Topic 7 -Magnets
    • Electromagnet
      • When a current flows through a wire, a magnetic field is made.
      • Changing the direction of the current changes the magnetic field.
      • The strength of the magnetic field changes depending on the size of the current and the amount of wire.
    • Induced magnets
      • Whenever an object that isn't a magnet becomes attracted to a magnet, it becomes an induced magnets.
        • This happens when it enters the magnetic force of an object.
      • Induced magnets are also known as mono-poles... meaning that they only have a north or south pole (which they have depends on which magnetic pole's force it entered)
      • Induced magnets are only temporarily magnets. Once they leave the magnetic field, they become normal objects again.


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