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  • magnetism
    • basics
      • like poles repel
      • three magnetic elements are iron, cobalt and nickel
      • not all metals are magnetic
      • opposite poles will attract
    • when a current flows along a wire, a magnetic field is produced
    • right hand grip rule
      • thumb points in the direction that the current is going and your fingers show the direction of the magnetic field
    • induced magnetism
      • when an iron nail or steel paperclip is in the magnetic field of a bar magnet it creates its own magnetic field
    • how to increase the strength of electromagnets
      • increase the number of turns of wire
      • increase the current
    • motor effect
      • the current in the wire produces a magnetic field which interacts with the magnetic field of the magnet producing a force
      • the force is strongest when the magnetic field is perpendicular to the current
        • the force is zero when the magnetic field and the current are parallel
      • ways of increasing the force in the motor effect
        • increasing the strength of the magnetic field
        • increasing the size of the current
      • the force can be made to act in the opposite direction by:
        • reversing the current
        • reversing the magnetic field
    • Flemings left hand rule
      • current goes from positive to negative
      • second finger= current
      • first finger= magnetic field
      • thumb= force


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