Magic Bullets & immunology

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  • Magic bullet & immunology
    • 2nd half of 19 century study of bacteria becoming more widespread
      • Continued in 20th century
    • Specific bacteria were found to be the causes of different diseases & infections
      • Vaccines developed to prevent people catching them
      • Successful in prevent illness but no cures developed
        • late 1800s public health measures introduced
          • Stop spread of diseases
    • late 1800s public health measures introduced
      • Stop spread of diseases
    • Paul Ehrlich
      • German physician
      • Scientist
      • 1st to find a way of killing germs in bodies
      • Developed concept of magic bullet
        • Post studying how antibodies seek out specific germs in body & kill them
          • Hoped to create a compound target & destroy germs
      • 1909 developed Salvarsan 606
        • Destroyed bacteria that caused syphilis
          • Test participants could recover when they used the drug
        • 1910 widely distributed
        • Painful to administer
          • Could kill patient if in wrong dose
          • Wasn't soluble
            • Didn't work quickly
        • 1911 Neosalvarson released
          • Addressed many side effects
    • 1932 another germ fighting compound discovered
      • Gerhard Domagk discovered the dye Prontosil's properties
        • Able to kill the bacteria causing blood poisoning, Meningitis, flesh-eating infection, bacterial pneumonia & many more
        • 1st new drug of the class Suphonamides
          • ineffective against stronger germs like Staphylococcus
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