Madon : Self-fulfilling prophecy & drinking behaviour

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  • Madon : self-fulfilling prophecy & drinking behaviour
    • Aim
      • See if parents expectation lead to reality
    • Procedure
      • 115 children between 12 - 13 and their parents questioned
      • Parents guess how much child regularly drank
      • Children said how much they consumed a year later
    • Results
      • children who drank most, parents predicted they would
      • Took 1 parent to have negative opinion on childs drinking to actually happen
      • Higher risk if both parents had negative beliefs
    • Conclusion
      • Parents prediction was very accurate
      • Parents beliefs can have big impact
    • Strengths
      • Large sample - results more likely to be valid
      • Study gave warning about holding negative beliefs
    • Weaknesses
      • May have been accurate prediction not self-fulfilling prophecy
      • Other people could influence children
      • Only show correlation cannot be sure of true link between variables
      • Questionnaire could have socially desirability bias


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