Macmillan- individual/social/political/economic

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  • Macmillan
    • individual
      • known as an Edwardian gentlemen
      • clear member of the establishment
      • prime minister 1957-1963
      • became increasingly unwell during the later years of his premiership
        • resigned due to ill heath in 1963
      • made questionable decisions during the later years
        • 'night of long knives'
    • political
      • supported the post-war consensus, something unusual for a conservative prime minister
      • was associated with the establishment scandals that rocked the conservative party
        • Profumo Affair
      • initially decided to keep UK out of the EU
        • then decided it would be beneficial in 1963- failed application
        • still maintained good relationship with europe
      • was associated with the growth of the CND and the internal divisions it caused
    • Economic
      • unpopular IMF loan
      • associated with the stop-go cycle the economy was stuck in
      • economic boom
        • low unemployment
        • rising wages
        • growth in consumerism
        • news housing and affluent towns created
        • rise in living standards
    • social
      • race and immigration
      • changing role of women
      • break down in reverence towards the establishment
      • rise in affluence created better standards if living
      • emergence of youth culture


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