Machu Picchu, tourists world

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  • Machu Picchu
    • Positive impacts of tourism
      • Economic
        • tourists spend money in the area
        • Machu Picchu generates $40 million a year in income for the Peruvian Government
      • Environmental
        • Tourists pay $50 each to travel on the inca trail.
        • Machu Picchu has been designated a World Heritage Site to protect it from large numbers of tourists.
      • Social
        • Porters since 2000 have been limited to carry a load of 25Kg
        • Tourism provides jobs, opportunities to sell souvenirs this has improved the standard of living for the local people
    • Negative impacts of Tourism
      • Economic
        • hotels like Sanctuary Lodge, owned by Orient-Express, therefore much profit leaves Peru
        • High paying jobs are done by foreigners not local people
      • Environmental
        • Garbage is thrown into River Urubamba
        • Erosion is beginning to occur on the Inca Trail, due to pressure of 500 tourists a day. In 1998, 53,500 tourist walked the trail.
      • social
        • Locals were made to carry up to 50 Kg.
        • Local villages are affected by Westerners clothes and wish to dress like them


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