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  • Machinal Question- 2 key roles
    • Have the young woman flinching whenever the doctor spoke, and really enunciate it at certain lines
      • Representing to the audience that she doesn't agree with what he has to say, maybe even scares her. Especially at the line "Bring the baby" nas the baby seems t be the pinnacle of what is causing the outrage
    • Young Woman
      • Haing the Young Woman lay down between the doctor and the nurse emotionless whilst they talk over her.
        • This would represent society at the time for her. She doesn't really have  a say in what is happening. Having people literally talk over her is very demeaning and the levels shows her place in that situation. I would have her facial expressions to be a key feature of this, as this may be the only way she can show her emotions now as the others have control of her other aspects
    • The Nurse
      • Whilst the Husband is in the room, I would have the nurse be more fluent in her movement by walking around, and have louder volume when she speaks to the Husband. This would then contrast with when the husband leaves snd the doctor enters, where she would be more closed off and submissive to him, as she doesnt feel she has any power anymore, as her job role gave her ore of a say oer the husband, but the doctor oer rules her, even though she is trying to help the young woman
        • I would portray the submissiveness by using a more closed posture after the doctor first  talks, almost to show that he has now set her in place. By dropped head, lowered tone and maybe even playing with hair'nails to represent un ease. This would especially contrast the open posture and bubbly tone in the previous section.
    • I find the last few lines a vital time to portray the lack of power the nurse how has. He argues everything she says.
      • As an actor, I would have it that she get less enthusiastic in her tone of voice over each line where she keeps getting shut down. This would be a step wise moment down, in a levels system to show her being "Beaten down"


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