Machiavelli (3)

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  • Machiavelli (3)
    • Vices and Virtues
      • Classical virtues appear to be good but are ruinous for the Prince so are actually Vices
      • 'No Prince should mind being called cruel for what he does to keep his subjects united and loyal'.
    • Love, Fear and Liberality
      • Cicero: 'Fear is a poor safeguard of lasting power
      • Cicero: Love 'may be trusted to keep it safe forever'.
      • Machiavelli: 'Safer for a Prince to be feared than loved'.
      • Hatred is extremely dangerous to the Prince
      • Reputation for stinginess will eventually be seen as true liberality
    • Things that make you hated
      • Being rapacious and a violator of property
    • Clashes of two Ethical approaches
      • Obligations of a responsible political leader vs. Obligations of Christian morality
        • Machiavelli thought these two were incompatible
      • Virtues of admirable private life like personal integrity etc lead to powerlessness
    • Dirty Hands
      • 1. It concerns an action that is morally wrong
      • 2. The action is performed to achieve an important goal
      • 3. The goal cannot be reached without the violation of moral rules
      • 4. The action is right


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