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  • Macduff
    • Paragraph 5
      • "We'll have thee, as our rarer monsters are, painted on a pole"
        • Macduff views Macbeth as a monster because he has killed his family and damaged his country - something that the audience might agree on.
      • "Macduff was from his mother's womb / Untimely ripped."
        • Macbeth's ambition has led to his downfall as in the second prophecy Macduff can kill Macbeth as he wasn't born of a woman.
      • By the end of the play Macduff emerges as the avenging hero who helps save Scotland from Macbeth's tyranny in the play and restores natural order.  He is a figure of morality throughout the play.
    • Paragraph 2
      • "No, cousin, I'll to Fife"
        • Macduff reveals that he will not be attending the coronation of Macbeth, possibly because Macduff is suspicious of Mabeth.
      • "I am not treacherous"
        • It shows that Macduff is willing to restore the natural order by making Malcolm King rather than betraying him.
      • Macduff reveals that he will not be attending Macbeth's coronation and flee to England to joins Malcolm to convince him to take back the throne.
    • Paragraph 3
      • "Bleed, bleed, poor country!"
        • Macduff is frightened for his country's outcome while Macbeth is in power, as he feels that his country is going to ruins.
      • "I have lost my hopes"
        • Macduff can not hope to take back Scotland from Macbeth without Malcolm's help - making him loose hope for his country to return back to normal.
      • Macduff is presented as a loyal nationalist who loves Scotland and fears for what Macbeth is doing to the country.  He plots revenge and seeks to restore the great chain of being with aid from Malcolm.
    • Paragraph 1
      • "ring the alarum-bell. Murder and treason!"
        • Macduff discovers Kind Duncan's body and immediately calls for the bell to be rung. He also suspect treason within one of the people who are currently sleeping at Macbeth's castle.
      • "Your royal father's murder'd"
        • Macduff responds in the emotional way that a loyal lord should respond to the death of his King.
      • Macduff serves as a foil to Macbeth; his integrity directly contrast with Macbeth's moral perversion.  He is immediately suspicious that Macbeth might have committed regicide.
    • Paragraph 4
      • "My wife kill'd too? He has no children.  All my pretty ones?  Did you say all?"
        • Macduff hearing of his family's death reacts with a tortured grief leading to a desire for revenge against Macbeth.
      • "The castle of Macduff i will surprise"
        • Just as Macduff feared Macbeth is making erratic decisions out of his fear and ambition.
      • Just as Macduff feared, Macbeth is tearing up the country that Macduff once loved.  Because of Macbeth's choices it is enough to convince Malcolm to invade Scotland and for Macduff to kill Macbeth.


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