Macbeth themes with quotes (incomplete)

a bit of detailed analysis... hope this helps :)

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  • Macbeth (themes)
    • Ambition
      • "Stars hide your fires;let light not see my black and deep desires" ACT 1 SCENE 4 (MACBETH)
        • "hide"---personification
          • tumultuous (confused) mental state
        • initial hesitation
        • "let light"&"deep desires"---alliteration
          • emphasises desire to kill Duncan
        • metaphor:   "light" represents goodness     "black" portrays future evil
          • juxtaposition
          • tumultuous (confused) mental state
      • "Vaulting ambition, which o'er leaps itself." ACT 1 SCENE 7 (MACBETH)
        • ambition can make people rush and make mistakes.
          • foreshadows his own end?


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