Macbeth Quotes

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  • Macbeth Quotes
    • Macbeth
      • Heat oppressed brain
        • Shows nerves
      • Scorched the snake not killed it
        • Shows ambition
      • With all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood
        • Shows guilt
    • Lady Macbeth
      • Pour my spirits in thine ear
        • Shows how manipulative she is
        • In Act 1 and 2
      • O full of scorpions is my mind dear wife
        • Being controlled - shift in power
          • We have scorched the snake not killed it
          • Act 3
      • We have scorched the snake not killed it
      • Fill me from the crown to the toe top full of direst cruelty
    • Banquo
      • Look not like th'inhabitants of the earth
        • direct, curious
      • I fear/ thou play'dst most foully fort
        • Curious - also moral figure
    • King Duncan
      • silver skin lac'd with...golden blood
        • royal, materialistic
      • the royal father/was a most sainted king
        • messenger form God
        • father figure?
    • A little water clears us of this deed
    • Barren sceptre
    • Fruitless crown


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